Add and edit my business's listing?


To Add, Edit or Remove a Business Profile:

Contact Listing Provider

If you would like to update your profile for free, please contact the provider. You can find this by going to the profile page of your business, where you will find the provider’s name listed above the business name. If no provider is listed, you can update your profile by going to

Please note: Please allow up to 60 days for updated information to appear on Whitepages. We cannot guarantee that information added through InfoGroup will appear on Whitepages. We are working hard to provide a way for businesses to add or edit information directly, but this feature is not yet available. Adding your information through InfoGroup is your sole option at this time.

Update all your listings with Yext PowerListings

With a Yext Powerlisting your business info will be updated on Whitepages and other Yext partners such as Yelp, Citysearch, Yahoo!, MapQuest, and Superpages. Features

  1. Enhanced with photos, videos & special offers
  2. Insights into how many people view or click on your listing
  3. Self-service implementation

Update your listings with Yext  

If you are not able to edit your business listing with InfoGroup or Yext, please email back with the business name, address and phone number that you are trying to correct so we can better assist you.



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