Remove my listing from Whitepages?

To remove your profile on Whitepages and free associated sites, go to Whitepages using your computer and click on "More" and then "Remove From Directory" located in the footer. Here is a direct link.

Each page has its own unique web address (URL). This is how your computer locates the web page that you are trying to access. To find the URL, go to the top of your browser and use the “People” search function for your name and click on your listing. That is the URL that we need to remove your listing.

An example of a valid URL is:

Note: Once you have located the URL, we recommend copying it so you can later paste it. Highlight the entire URL using your mouse or keyboard, and then right click it to choose "Copy". Right click an empty field to then select "Paste", which will recreate the highlighted text.


1. Access the Opt-Out Site as mentioned above.

2. Type or Paste the URL into the entry field. Then press the black "Opt-Out" button.

3. A confirmation page will appear, showing the contact details of the URL you provided. This gives you an opportunity to make sure you've selected the correct listing. Press "Remove Me" to continue.

4. Please provide us with a reason for your request. This will aid us in improving our product for visitors in the future. "Submit" this when you are finished. 

5. Input your telephone number to verify the removal request. Information provided at this point is not used for product or listing purposes - it exists to confirm authorization. Review the agreement and then press "Call Now to Verify" to receive the phone call. 

6. The page will then display a four digit code, and you'll receive a phone call shortly. The computer on the line will walk you through the process, and request the four digit code. Input this into your key pad to complete the request.

At this point, the page should update and confirm that the listing is being processed for removal!




  • Will this remove my listing from your site permanently?

In most cases, yes. We make every effort to respect a request for privacy, and will remove any additional data we receive about a person who has already opted out. In some cases however, we're unable to associate new information with a listing that has already been removed; this can rarely happen after an address or phone number change. We advise checking on this after you've changed contact details, and repeating the process as you did originally.


  • Will this remove the website from search engine results?

Yes, although the speeds of removal will vary depending on the search engine being used. Some search engines will show a result that uses cached data from the website; even though the website is removed, the listing will show information that they stored. Search engines will update cached information regularly, but this can sometimes take a couple of weeks. If you wish to have it removed sooner, please submit a request to the owner of the search engine. Whitepages will be unable to intervene further, as we've already removed the details from our sites, and cannot control what a third party search engine displays.


  • Can I remove my Whitepages Premium profile with the process above 

No. Whitepages Premium is a completely different service and the process above will not work for Whitepages Premium URLs. The Whitepages Premium Profile Removal process can be found in their Help Center and following the steps under the "How Do I Remove My Information From Whitepages Premium" section, located at this link.

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