Why was I charged?

In addition to being a free site, Whitepages offers a variety of premium services (e.g. Whitepages Premium, Whitepages mobile in-app purchases, and B2B data services with Whitepages PRO). You can determine whether the service you were billed for is from Whitepages by verifying the following information:

  1. Did you make a purchase with your credit card or from your mobile phone?
  2. If via credit card, does your card statement show, “Whitepages," or does it show another company’s name?
  3. What is the amount of the charge?
  4. What is the date of purchase?

Your credit card statement will show “Whitepages Inc.,” "Whitepages Premium," or "Whitepages Pro" for purchases through our company. If your credit card statement says anything other than “Whitepages,” then you have made a purchase with a separate company.

If you have a charge from a Whitepages service, please call the number found on your credit card statement for assistance with that specific service.

We have a number of paid services for mobile phones, such as our “Whitepages” application for iOS and Android phones, which offer optional paid content. Please email mobilesupport@whitepages.com if you have questions about mobile app purchases.

If you did not make a purchase through Whitepages, you’ll need to contact the company from which you made your purchase.


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